Sestocervo Srl azienda produzione di abbigliamento uomo donna made in italy a Prato, specializzata nella capispalla,cappotto,giacca,giubbotto,bomber,abito,camicia,gilet,pantaloni,gonna ecc. Pronto Moda, Private label, Conto terzi, Abbigliamento Ingrosso Prato.

SESTOCERVO SRL - Production Clothing Men Women Wholesale Prato
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sestocervo srl

Sestocervo srl is a company with 20 years of experience in the clothing production sector. Over the years we have been able to offer high flexibility to our customers and today our company is able to produce all types of garments, and the main articles of our production are overcoats, jackets and trousers.
The company is located in Prato, in one of the industrial areas with the highest textile vocation, where the production chain is still entirely present with specialized and highly experienced companies.
Sestocervo srl has developed over the years the production activity with the aim of providing a service to the main brands and to the major Italian and foreign clothing chains, establishing with them a close relationship of style and productive collaboration.
Sestocervo srl is a platform of dedicated and customized services for the creation of collections, samples and productions.

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Know How

The types of products that Sestocervosrlcan make are many, coats, jackets, trousers, shirts, women’s clothes and sport jackets for both men and women, which can be made in the most variety of fabrics:






Synthetic fibers


The guiding values that Sestocervosrlinspires are different but they can be summarized in three guiding concepts:
The best product, in the right place, in the shortest possible time.
The best product is a daily effort, a style department and a highly experienced model.
Mostly Italian fabrics, all made in Italy and very strict quality control systems.
In the right place, because “cut to size” for each customer, for every market, Italian, European or Extra European.
In the shortest possible time, from the creation of the sample garment to the delivery to the destination of production, 15 days. The speed in Fast Fashion is decisive.


  • Model and prototype drawing by figurine
  • Internal modeling of placements and developments with software
  • Implementation of internal prototypes
  • Basic bills with consumptions and finished head price calculation
  • Purchasing office for research and purchase of materials
  • Manuele and automatic cutting
  • Italian packaging with our employees
  • Professional and industrial ironing with quality control
  • Management of processes such as embroidery prints and other special
  • processes
  • Logistics management with shipments to allcountries

Since customers are looking for a serious, reliable and expert partner and Sestocervo srl able to support them at 360°, the mission is to create a product that is faithful to the target requested by the client, following his needs, his structure and through an efficient, punctual and complete service.

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Sestocervo Srl Unipersonale
Via Bruges, 80/3
59100 Prato Italy
Tel: +39 0574 623277

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